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Graduates from the University of Porto can already apply for digital certificates with qualified signature

DigitalSign recently concluded collaboration with the University of Porto in implementing a digital signature platform to dematerialize the process of issuing academic certificates.

The challenge was to make digital the entire process of issuing digital certificates, because previously, and quoting the internal project owner from UPorto "(...) it required very impractical processes of authenticity verification by those who received the documents. The new digital certificates with qualified signature, on the contrary, no longer require this type of heavy infrastructure so that anyone can verify their authenticity. Possible using any PDF file reader."

The developed digital signature platform (DigiSign) together with DigitalSign, will be in the next phases integrated with other sectors such as Integrated Process Management (GIP Sector), in which a series of complex processes of the shared services of the University, such as Purchasing (Public Procurement), Human Resources (Hiring Teachers) and Legal Services are being implemented.

You can see more details about the project by going to the following link:

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