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Use of digital certificates in Brazil can grow exponentially

"The certificate gives you a very powerful tool. Through it, you manifest the desire you want, you sign the contract you want."
- Marcelo Buz

The president of the National Institute of Information Technology - ITI, Marcelo Buz, spoke with great optimism about the subject at the 18th Conescap, an event held by Fenacon, pointing out the current existence of more than 8 million active certificates in a growing market. He also believes in a growth potential ten times greater, that may reach in the coming years the impressive mark of 80 million.

"There are only five acts that you cannot perform with a digital certificate: birth certificate, death certificate, marriage, divorce and a real estate transactions. All other legal acts in Brazil, can be done with your digital certificate, with presumption of legal validity. It's fantastic", says Marcelo Buz.

The aim is to integrate the process not only in the daily life of entrepreneurs, but also in the life of regular citizens, going beyond documental deliveries and tax obligations.

For this scenario to become a reality, it is therefore necessary that Brazil breaks some paradigms established in recent decades, so this process can happen gradually and safely.

DigitalSign agrees with this statement from the President of ITI and will also contribute towards making this scenario of Digital Certificate massification in Brazil happen by offering the market new applications, simplifying the use of Digital Certificates.