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Biometric Signature

Soluções Corporativas

Biometric Signature

  • An alternative process to verify your Customer's identity through the collection of biometric signatures.

    The biometric signature technology allows to capture more information about the signatory than the traditional paper based methods. This is a proven and tested solution by graphometric experts.


    Signing-PadAssinatura Biométrica


    1. The signature is made in a special signature PAD. A graphical representation is collected and with a biometric function based on static and dynamic algorithms other data is captured such as: speed, duration, pressure values, number of pen elevations, acceleration, direction of pen movement, number of radial loops, etc.

    2. The signature is solely linked to the signatory being able to identify the sigmatory as it is created using means which the subscriber may keep under his exclusive control and is connected to the data to which he relates in such a way that any change is detected.

    3. Once the customer identity has been verified and validated, the operation is completed with full integrity.


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  • Signature Pads
  • Advantages
  • DigitalSign offers a diverse range of signature Pads with the warranty quality of our German partner Signotec.



    Main features:

    • High durability – can be used for 30 million signatures
    • Switchable interface: HID or Virt. Com-Port for Terminal Server
      Ergonomic and compact design
    • RSA Encryption and Signature Features within the Device
    • ERT Technology: Suitable for on-screen handwritten signature, without influence of touch or wrong input
    • Display 5 "full color and high resolution
    • Stand-alone slide show for up to 10 images
    • Free tools, signature software and SDK
    • Replaceable and voltage-free USB cable
    • Made in Germany, 3 year warranty
  • The Biometric signature is able to gather more information about the signatory than an handwritten signature made on paper. The technological method presented below was analyzed by independent forensic experts who attested its validity.


    Assinatura Biométrica

    The biometric signature is performed in a "SignaturePad" with superior quality and two components of the signature are saved:

    • The scanned signature, i.e. the graphical representation of the signature.
    • Biometric data, such as speed, latency, number of pen elevation points, acceleration, pen direction, number of radial loops, etc.

    A document containing a biometric signature has two security components:

    • The Biometric Signature
    • The Electronic Signature (according to the eIDAS Regulation).