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Cloud Qualified Certificate

Qualified Cloud Certificate

  • The European Union has published EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation), which harmonized electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions. This new EU regulation allowed the creation of electronic signatures at a distance, the environment in which they are created managed by a trusted service provider in the name of the signer.

    DigitalSign is a qualified provider of reliable services (see Trusted List published by the Supervisory Entity - National Security Authority - on the European Commission website - and being aware of the difficulties of using the electronic signature using smartcard or token cards, implemented the IDcert service that aims to create the certificate and its use, in a totally remote and centralized way in its secure datacenters.

    With the Cloud Certificate (remotely stored on a secure cryptographic device) you can sign documents from any device with Internet access.

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    The process of identifying the Cloud Qualified Digital Certificate allows a DigitalSign agent to verify your identity by installing a simple application on your phone or tablet, online verification of your citizen card, and obtaining your certificate on time, without having to move.

    In this solution, the entire process can be done automatically and in real time, making the certificate immediately available for use. Please confirm below all the advantages of this Certificate.

    Simple and Secure is your New Cloud Certificate!

    Traditional Process

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    New Process (IDcert)

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  • Pack
  • Issuing process
  • Advantages
  • Pack HSM(Cloud)


    - Cloud storage;
    - VirtualCSP - application to use the certificate in Microsoft Office, Adobe, Pdf Sign & Seal applications and others. (Requirements: Windows 8.1 or higher in 64bits Version)
    - 100 timeStamps.

    1. 1. You request the issuance of a Qualified Digital Certificate
    2. 2. The user's identity is validated and verified by DigitalSign
    3. 3. The request for issuing the certificate is sent to IDcert
    4. 4. A cryptographic key pair (public and private key) is created within a HSM (Hardware Security Module) managed by DigitalSign
    5. 5. The Digital Certificate is issued to the user


    In this solution, all the process can be done automatically in real time, making the certificate immediately available for use.

  • 1) Significant temporal reduction to obtain an electronic signature, reduction of days to a few minutes - ideal for emergency situations;

    2) Eliminates the need to recognize the identity in person in a notary or lawyer, the process being carried out in a simple application obtained from the Apple / Android Store;

    3) Price reduction with electronic signature;

    4) It is not necessary to install any software to use the electronic signature with our partners - automatic integration;

    5) VirtualCSP (Platform 64 Bits Windows 8.1 or higher)- free application for use of the certificate on non-partner subscriptions platforms of DigitalSign or in other applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, PDF Sign &Seal, among others;
    Note: In the PDF Sign&Seal application, simultaneous document signing is not possible for digital certificates in CLOUD, because they require specific authentication for each use/subscription.

    6) You can sign electronically from any computer, tablet or smartphone;

    7) Greater security, based on double authentication factor (password + SMS with a unique code of operation).

  • FAQ

    How does remote identity recognition work ?

    It works through a video call from an application (app) that you can download for free and that will allow a DigitalSign agent to prove your identity by checking your Portuguese citizen's card or passport online.

    Is the validation of remote identity certified under the new eIDAS regulation?

    Yes, an audit was carried out by a certified body - TÜViT and issued a certificate of conformity (Certificate ID: 9786.17), for the application that supports this new process. The process was also audited under the eIDAS regulation.

    How does remote signing work?

    When integrated with our partners, you do not need to install any software. The subscription process is extremely simple - you just need your credentials (email + password) and to have your mobile phone with you (you will receive a confirmation SMS):

    Is the remote signature certified under the new eIDAS regulation?

    Yes, the entire process was audited under the eIDAS regulation published by the European Commission.