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  • PDFInvoice

    PFDInvoice is an electronic billing solution that complements your ERP and allows you to send electronic invoices to an email in PDF format, this solutions complies with the requirements of applicable European and national legislation, allowing you to reduce costs and speed up your billing process and receipts.

    Check the conditions:

    • Package Value (PDFInvoice + Qualified Certificate + PDF Sign and Seal) = 450 €
    • Promotional discount of 20% - Final Value = 360 €
    • If you are already our Qualified Certificate customer and PDF Sign and Seal benefit from the special price of PDFInvoice = 160 €

     How much you save with PDFInvoice:

    Eliminates the costs with:
    - Printing,
    - Handling paper and envelopes,
    - Travel to the post office and shipping fees

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  • What is it?
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  • PDF Invoice is an application to install on your computer, which will easily complement your billing software, electronically signing your invoices and sending them automatically to your customers' email.


  • Main advantages:

    1) Sign invoices automatically in batches and ship them directly to your customers' e-mail, all with two simple clicks and in seconds, speeding up their receivables.

    2) It complements the main billing and ERP applications such as Primavera, Sage, PHC etc. The configuration of this application is done remotely by one of our technicians and is free.

    3) The electronic invoices meet the requirements defined in the European Directive EU Council 2010/45 / EC, Article 233, paragraph 2 and VAT Code Article 36 No. 10, thus having full validity throughout the European Union.

    IMPORTANT: Invoices sent in PDF format or another format, without being duly signed are not electronically accepted by the Portuguese Tax Authority for the purposes of VAT Deduction - See here Ficha Doutrinária da AT.

    4) It provides a control area of signed and sent invoices.

    5) It includes a Qualified Digital Certificate, required by the European Directive to ensure the validity of your invoices across the EU.

    • Pack Value (PDFInvoice + Qualified certificate) = 450€
    • Promotional discount of 20% - Final Value = 360€
    • If you are already our client know the very special prices of PDFInvoice = 160€
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