DigitalSign's Solution for a Smarter City

Edge4All is an open platform that constitutes a truly integrated solution to meet the smart city requirements designed according with the best cybersecurity standards

Let's turn it Smart

Why Our Cities Need to be Smart?

To Improve Quality of life

The Smart City technologies bring business and economic opportunities that improve the citizens quality of life, while making city operations more efficient, reducing risks and costs.

These technologies address some complex challenges brought by urban massification and solving real problems such as floods, traffic congestion or pollution, therefore improving safety, sustainability and everyday life through a better supply demand management.

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Advantages of a Smart City

Reduce waste in public spending on the provision and management of public services and Increase efficiency and quality of services.
Promote information in real time to enhance the awareness of citizens about the environment in which they live.

Increase Savings

Increase Efficiency

Enviromental awareness to Citizens

Smart City Model

Facilitate Decision-Making

Better Quality Life

Promote Inovation

In 2040


of population while live in cities

Can reduce by up to


Carbon Emissions

Improves in


City Efficiency

We can monotorize


Types of Sensors

Main Usages

The basic pack covers already the most significant points of control that a Smart city demands, namely:


Air Pollution

Waste Management

Noise Pollution

Traffic and Fleet Management

Water Levels/Pollution

Edge4All with a Dashboard

Edge4All is a web platform, that receives data from all the sensors, allowing the integration of third party devices, with Indicators / reports for each environmental sensor. Edge4All is a comprehensive dashboard for an easy and on-line management of the city environment and critical infrastructures.

Edge4all supports the Intelligent operations center, and includes a visual and alarmistic services connected to the local and national public agencies, to deploy the means necessary in a short time in case of accident.

The solution is based on a configurable and interactive dashboard to enhance the visualization and control by the end user and provide real-time accurate notifications according with the information collected by the IoT devices.

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How about Security?

Leveraging DigitalSign’s expertise in cryptography and cybersecurity, we develop a new machine-to-machine communication protocol between the IoT devices and Edge4All. By using the ADSS digital certificate manager, we enable a risk based approach to maximize the security of communications without losing performance.

We employ for the most critical sensors that monitor critical infrastructures, digital certificates to encrypt communication and authenticate devices, what gives a level of security very differentiated from the market.

AI - the next level in IoT

Edge4all handles and processes large amounts of data from IoT devices. Besides, the platform is able to incorporate, through API integrations, pre-existing sensors or devices.

By adopting Google’s AI, ML and DL tools, the user can explore different correlative functions between different sets of information, extracting useful insights to support the decision making on a smart city.

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