DigitalSign is a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) under EC Trusted List that implements platforms for signing documents.

We made Qualified electronic signatures easy to use and with full legal value, but our platform also supports by default, Advanced signatures, Biometric or simple signatures, accordingly to your needs.

Our goal is to make it easier for our clients, to sign contracts and other documents using electronic signatures, optimized for mobile devices, with complete security and legal validity.

Any company that currently has the need to share signed documents to their employees and partners or to sign labor, commercial or any type of agreements can definitely count with our technology.

We are supporting big organizations (Governments, Public and private companies) all around Europe on this global response to COVID-19 where remote work is the new normal. Know our solution SigningDesk.

For companies that need a simple or advance electronic signature, we offer a cloud based signature portal from Ascertia, a solution with an international clients base and a strong reputation - SigningHub.

Because we believe in sharing our daily learnings and expertise, we provide more information on this infocenter , allowing organizations and customers to better understand the different options of the EU regulation on electronic signatures and to choose the right option your needs.

We are all connected like never and we know this is a hard time for everyone. If you believe that we can help your organization to adapt fast and securely to this new challenges of remote work in a contactless future, please get in touch and Go Digital.

All the best,

Miguel Cruz, Sales & Marketing Director

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