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About Us

  • About Us

     We identify people online and guarantee their secure identity on the Internet, allowing our customers to sign and contract services with total security and convenience.

     We are a multinational company, headquartered in Portugal and operating in several countries throughout Europe and Brazil, with more than 150 direct IT workers and 400 indirect workers.

     We are a Trust Service Provider, accredited under the European Regulation eIDAS, to work across Europe the most demanding Digital certification services.

     First and only authorized entity in Portugal to issue qualified cloud subscriptions (remote), with secure remote identity verification.

      We are a first level Certification Authority at ICP Brasil, with a public-private partnership with the State of São Paulo, to support the Digital certification of all public services in the State.

     We operate with certified European technology partnershiping with the largest players in the market.

     We work with the largest companies, banks and financial companies in Portugal to support ongoing digital transformation initiatives.

     We develop customized solutions, through an effective survey of the needs of our clients.

     We support research in universities in a direct and different way.

     We work to simplify and enhance the use of digital certification in all the countries in which we operate, always ensuring a secure identity.


    Our Values
    Pride at work    Integrity
    Humility    Courage to decide
    Run with Passion    Speed
    Rigor    Customer focus