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Certification Services

  • Certificado Digital Qualificado

    Qualified Digital Certificate

    • Automatic and legal recognition in Portugal and the European Community;
    • Complies with the legislation of the Public Procurement Code;
    • It offers a signature with probative value of electronic documents.
    • Offer: timestamp pack
  • Certificado Qualificado - Cloud

    Qualified Certificate - Cloud

    Marca de Confiança

    • Certificate Stored Remotely
    • Ease of Use and Purchase
    • Automatic and legal recognition in Portugal and in the European Community
    • Comply with the legislation of the Public Procurement


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  • Certificado Avançado de Faturação Eletrónica

    Advanced Certificate for Electronic Invoicing

    • Intended for Singular / Collective Persons;
    • Used for digital signatures for Electronic invoicing;
    • Provides a high level of confidence.
  • Certificado Digital Não Qualificado (Avançado)

    Non-Qualified Digital Certificate (Advanced)

    • Intended for Singular / Collective Persons;
    • Used to sign documents and email;
    • It offers a high level of confidence.
  • Certificados de Servidor SSL

    SSL Certificates

    • Ideal to ensure the highest standard of credibility on the Internet;
    • 128-bit strong encryption certificates;
    • Worldwide trust.
  • Selos Temporais


    Timestamp - Legal Time Certification
    • Certifies the official time of the documents and electronic transactions of your company;
    • Portuguese timestamp service recognized by the National Security Authority.
  • PDF Sign and Seal

    PDF Sign and Seal

    Electronic Document Signing
    • Sign PDF documents using your digital certificate;
    • Digital signature and Time Stamping in PDF documents.
    • Offer: timestamp pack
  • PDF Invoice

    PDF Invoice

    • E-invoicing solution that complements your ERP;
    • Export the documents you need from your ERP, digitally sign and send them by email to your customers, in an easy and automatic way.
    • Offer: timestamp pack
  • SigningHub


    • Digital signature solution in the cloud, allowing you to sign in your browser, anywhere with your digital certificate.
    • Create a Free Test Account.