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Exchange Campaign Representative QDC

Due to the technology used, a certificate cannot be changed after issuance - the process necessarily involves Repeal of previous certificate and new certificate issuance.

The profile created by this means is the one of Representation (See Profile detail below), regardless of what profile through which the previous certificate was signed.

Please note that the cryptographic device that you have should be sent, along with the documentation (smart card or USB token). In case of having a smart card, the information printed on the card cannot be altered.

Representation Profile
Destined to identification of an organization, this qualified certificate profile is issued to a person who has powers of representation of that company or institution. This profile allows you to sign on behalf of your company or institution. In addition to the company's identifying information, it contains the ID of the representative and its powers of representation, beyond the possibility of specification of usage restrictions.

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    Additional Notes:
    1. The Qualified Digital Certificate will be issued and valid for three years.
    2. If there is an expiration date on any document that proves a legal representative capacity (eg power of attorney, delegation of powers, etc.), the certificate shall be issued with that date of validity.
    3. The pack value includes:
    - 100 timestamps;
    - 1st annuity of the Qualified Digital Certificate;
    - Chosen cryptographic device:
    > HSM Pack - Stored at DigitalSign
    > Smartcard/Token Pack - In the client possession
    - Drivers and software;
    4. The subsequent annuities (optional) will have a value of 128€ +VAT.
    5. You will be notified of the data for payment of the respective annuities with about 30 days in advance.
    6. Non-payment of annuities results in automatic revocation of the certificate.
    7. The annual fee for the Sign and Go License costs €25.00 + Taxes, with updates and the customer support included.

  • The following documentation must be sent by post or delivered by hand, in its original version:

        • Power of attorney in original, duly signed by the holders of the Corporate Bodies and certified accordingly and with powers to the act (if applicable);
        • Application for Digital Certificate Issuance duly signed and notarized; (this document will be provided via email when finalizing the order ordering)
        • Photocopies of identification documents (e.g. ID Card) of the members of the Corporate Bodies identified in the Application for Digital Certificate Issuance Field 2 and that signed the power of attorney (if applicable);
        • Photocopy of identification document (e.g. ID Card) of the Representative / Attorney.

    Together with the documentation referred in the previous paragraph also send us your cryptographic device (card or token) to replace your certificate. Note: the case of the card, it will keep the already printed information - not required to send in the card reader.

    Shipping address:
    DigitalSign – Certificadora Digital, SA
    Largo Padre Bernardino Ribeiro Fernandes, 26
    4835-489 Nespereira – Guimarães


      • In case of indicating a permanent certificate code, make sure that it is valid (active certificate) for online consultation;
      • The documents that have expiration date must be valid at the time of the documentation validation;
      • The signatures contained in the documents shall be in accordance with the presented identification documents;
      • The e-mail address to be given must be valid and be consulted regularly (email to which the certificate activation codes will be sent);
      • In the cases of disagreement, the data should be updated before the certificate purchase;
      • The documentation will be checked within a maximum of two (2) business days after receipt and payment confirmation;
      • As soon as the application is approved, your digital certificate will be sent to you via postal mail or equivalent (to the identified address).

    After receiving your Qualified Digital Certificate

    • Please complete and sign the Term of Reception which will be sent together with your Qualified Digital Certificate;
    • Send by fax (No. 253 560 639) or by email ( the completed Term of Reception, correctly completed and signed by Representative / Attorney;
    • DigitalSign will send you the activation codes (PIN and PUK) through secure e-mail;
    • Follow the instructions in the aforementioned message to complete the installation process of your new Qualified Digital Certificate.
  • Notes:

    - PDF Sign & Seal is an application that lets you create and digitally sign PDF documents. See here the requirements of PDF Sign & Seal;

    - The digital certificate is generated and stored on the card / token, so it may not be exported or played on another device after its issue;

    - The card / token has two passwords, PIN and PUK . PIN password is of use, ie allows the use of its private key from the card / token;

    - If this password is entered incorrectly 3 times, the certificate is blocked;

    - After three incorrect attempts entering the PUK, the card / token and hence the license shall be destroyed;

    - CAUTION: Do not initialize or format your card, it will lead to irretrievable loss of your digital certificate.