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You do not know what the most appropriate type of certificate for yourself or your company?

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Certification Services

Professional Cloud QDC

Aimed at the individual identification, this qualified certificate profile associates you a job title, like Doctor, Engineer, etc.

In addition to the identification information (name, BI, job title, email, address, etc) as well the company, it may also contain usage restrictions.

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  • Documentation
  • Technical Information
  • Choose the pack corresponding to the desired device.

    Complementary products.

    Additional Notes:
    The Qualified Digital Certificate will be issued and valid for three years.
    The pack value includes:
    - 200 timestamps;
    - 1st annuity of the Qualified Digital Certificate;
    - Chosen cryptographic device:
    > HSM Pack - Stored at DigitalSign
    > Smartcard/Token Pack - In the client possession
    - Drivers and software;
    The subsequent annuities (optional) will have a value of 95€ +VAT.
    You will be notified of the data for payment of the respective annuities with about 30 days in advance.
    Non-payment of annuities results in automatic revocation of the certificate.

  • The following documentation must be sent by post or delivered by hand, in its original version:

        • Application for Digital Certificate Issuance duly signed and notarized;
        • Photocopy of title proof;
        • Photocopies of identification documents (e.g. ID Card) of the certificate holder.

    Shipping address:
    DigitalSign – Certificadora Digital, SA
    Largo Padre Bernardino Ribeiro Fernandes, 26
    4835-489 Nespereira – Guimarães


      • In case of indicating a permanent certificate code, make sure that it is valid (active certificate) for online consultation;
      • The documents that have expiration date must be valid at the time of the documentation validation;
      • The signatures contained in the documents shall be in accordance with the presented identification documents;
      • The e-mail address to be given must be valid and be consulted regularly (email to which the certificate activation codes will be sent);
      • In the cases of disagreement, the data should be updated before the certificate purchase;
      • The documentation will be checked within a maximum of two (2) business days after receipt and payment confirmation;
      • As soon as the application is approved, the instructions for issuing your digital certificate will be emailed to you.
  • HSM Pack (Cloud)


    - Remote storage in cryptographic equipment (HSM).
    - VirtualCSP - application to use the certificate in Microsoft Office, Adobe, Pdf Sign & Seal applications and others. (Requirements: Windows 7 or higher in 64bits Version)


    - The Priority Service guarantees the issue of the certificate on the same day, after receiving the documentation and payment confirmation. Check here the details of this service.

    - PDF Sign & Seal is an application that allows you to create and digitally sign documents in PDF format. See the PDF Sign & Seal requirements here.

    - The digital certificate is generated and stored in HSM (Hardware Security Module), therefore, it can not be exported or reproduced in another device after being issued;

    - The use of your certificate (for each signature) requires 2 (two) authentication factors: the password you set at the time of purchase and a random code sent by SMS to the confirmed mobile phone number during the online validation;

    - There are no password recovery mechanisms for security reasons. You can change your password as long as you know your current password. If you lose your password, the certificate is lost and can not be recovered.