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Certification Practice Statement

    • DigitalSign - Certificadora Digital, SA ("EC DIGITALSIGN") CPS:

              Version 3.7 (PDF) - 15/06/2021


    • BT Certification Practice Statement (DigiCert PKI):

              Version 5.4a - Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Version - 12/12/2020


    • European Directive - Supplemental Policies (EDSP):

              Version 1.3 (PDF) - 17/09/2011


    • Declaration of Principles Disclosure:

              Version 2.5 (PDF) - 29/01/2018


    • Policy and Time Stamping Certification Practice:

              Version 1.1 (PDF) - 21/12/2017


    Earlier versions of these policies have been filed and are available by request to the e-mail address