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Usage best practices

  • SafeSign Standard (SafeSign IC) –Management Software

    The SafeSign Standard (SafeSign IC) is innovative software developed exclusively for DigitalSign customers, in order to simplify the use of digital certificates issued by DigitalSign Certification Authorities.

    Check with the operator of the Customer Service (CS) of DigitalSign, what options are available for the proper use of the software with your cryptographic device (card or token).

    WARNING: At no time import and export certificates to your cryptographic device, you may eventually damage your certificate

    Whenever it is necessary to issue a new certificate due to misuse of the Software, DigitalSign, will not be responsible. The issuance of a new certificate and a new document validation is required.

    Any doubts about our software, please contact one of our specialist operators.


  • Cryptographic device

    The cryptographic device that contains your digital certificate is personal and non-transmissible use. Remember that your certificate is your identity in the virtual world! Do not give to others your card or token containing your certificate, or provide the access codes (PIN and PUK), as they are unique to use with your certificate.

    NOTE: By facilitating your certificate together with your passwords (PIN and PUK), the holder can, for example, create legal documents on your behalf, among others.

    The cryptographic device should only be used when performing a digital signature. The digital certificate replaces your handwritten signature, as such, identifies the person who holds it.

    In case of loss of the device, inform DigitalSign as soon as possible, so we can proceed to the revocation of it. Revocation action should be made by the holder. Following revocation, your certificate will no longer be valid and, therefore, you will need to purchase another.

    Take care of your device containing your certificate, bend it, do not damage the chip, exposing it to heat or water, if your device does not run for misuse, your certificate will be unusable.

    DigitalSign, is not responsible for misuse of the certificate and the mismanagement of the cryptographic device.

    When in doubt, contact DigitalSign Support operator, which will help you as best as possible.