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HSM Cloud - How it works?

  • How does the remote signature work?

    DigitalSign is a qualified provider of security services (see Trusted List published by the Supervisory Entity - Gabinete Nacional de Segurança - on the website of the European Commission - and being aware of the difficulties of using the electronic signature using smartcard or token, implemented the IDcert service that aims to create a certificate and its use, in a totally remote and centralized way in its secure datacenters.

  • Using the HSM Cloud Certificate

    For use in systems integrated with DigitalSign
    When integrated with our partners, you do not need to install any software. The subscription process is extremely simple - you just need your credentials (email + password) and to have your mobile phone with you (you will receive a confirmation SMS):

    Assinatura HSM Cloud


    For Generic Use
    For use in other applications (such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, PDF Sign & Seal, etc.), you will need to install the required middleware - VirtualCSP - to ensure integration:

     Notes: For use in:

    • PDF Sign&Seal needs to have version 6.6.0 or higher installed. To see your version of PDF Sign & Seal see the Help -> About panel;
    • Microsoft Office - You must have version of Microsoft Office 2013 or higher installed.
  • Download
  • Installation
  • Use in the Windows Operative System
  • Download middleware (VirtualCSP) from:

    and then install as instructed in the "INSTALLATION" tab.

    NOTE: Minimum Requirements for Using VirtualCSP: Computer with 64-bit Operating System, Version "Windows 8.1" or Higher

  • Important Note: Follow the steps below to install the 'VirtualCSP' application only after you have completed the process of pick-up/issuing your qualified digital certificate.

    1. Run the installation application 'VirtualCSP.Installer.v1-1-1-0.msi'

    Open application, click the 'Execute' button.

    2. In the installation wizard, click the 'Next' button:

    3. Read and accept the Software License Agreement. Click the 'Next' button:

    4. Define the installation folder. Click the 'Next' button:

    5. Confirm by clicking the 'Install' button:

    Note: You may need to have administrator permissions.

    6. The installation process may take a few minutes. Please wait:

    7. Click the 'Finish' button to complete the installation process:

    8. After installation, please enter the login and password (which you defined when you registered the certificate), and click on the 'Login' button:

    9. Congratulations! Your certificate is now registered in your operating system and ready to be used with any application

    If you want to view your certificate(s) or change the application settings, please double-click the icon VirtualCSP Application VirtualCSP Icone shown in the notification bar.

  • After installing VirtualCSP, the way you use your certificate is the same as using a smartcard or token certificate.

    1. Since your certificate is registered in the Windows operating system, you only have to select it:

    2. To authorize the subscription, please transcribe the OTP code that will receive on your mobile phone and click the 'OK' button: