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Authorizers - Electronic Invoicing

  • How to register an Authorizer?

    1) Log in to your IDCert account at;
    2) Go to "Certificates";
    3) Choose the certificate you want to assign to the Authorizer and click on the "Manage" button
    4) Click on the button "Register Authorizer";
    5) Complete the process, which includes assigning a name to the authorizer and complete the authorization by entering the code received via SMS - OTP sent to the mobile phone number associated with the certificate. Please, write down the information required for configuration in the ERP, if applicable. The new Authorizer is automatically associated with the certificate;
    6) The updated list of Authorizers registered for that certificate will be displayed, which can be activated and/or deactivated at any time.
    To check the authorizations related to an Authorizer, click "Show".

    Note 1:
    Each authorization associated with an Authorizer is valid for 60 days - it must be renewed before its expiration date to continue signing in the applications.
    Note 2:
    It is possible to configure more than one Authorizer to be used in compatible applications, such as electronic invoicing platforms.
    Note 3:
    Registering Authorizers is only allowed in qualified digital certificates with Electronic Seal profile.


  • How can I renew the authorization granted to an Authorizer?

    1) Log in to your IDCert account at;
    2) Go to "Certificates" and click “Edit" in the line of the certificate that is associated with the Authorizer;
    3) Select the Authorizer you want to renew and click “Show”;
    4) The list of authorizations already granted to that Authorizer will be displayed. Now click "Renew";
    5) Complete the process by entering the OTP code received by SMS/Email (sent to: mobile phone number/email) associated with the certificate.


  • What is the difference between an Authorizer and an Authenticator?

    Both are signature code generators, but they are used in different contexts.

    • Authorizer (Electronic Invoicing)

    An Authorizer is registered by the customer and used by partners that the customer trusts to generate signature codes, which are included in the signature order placed by the partners, the customer's behalf, as a method of signing approval. This type of signature code generator is mostly used in integration with electronic invoicing platforms, among others, where, the customer registers Authorizers, and allows their partner(s) to use them for the purpose of signing documents.
    Each Authorizer is associated with a specific certificate. This means that the signature codes generated by a given Authorizer only approve the signing of documents with the certificate associated with that same Authorizer.

    • Authenticator

    An Authenticator is registered by the customer and its signature generated codes can be consulted directly on a mobile application developed by DigitalSign called DSAuth, available free of charge, for iOS (App Store) and Android (Play Store). These signature codes are used by the customer to approve signatures, on signature processes entirely carried out by the customer, who has exclusive access to the Authenticator and its respective generated codes.
    The main advantage of using Authenticators is being able to quickly check the signature code in the mobile application, instead of waiting for the SMS to be received on the mobile phone to obtain it.
    Signature codes generated by registered Authenticators approve the signing of documents in which the certificates used have a type of approval set as “Authenticator”.