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  • What is a CSR?

    The CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is an encrypted file that contains the public key, location and URL (Web address) of the company.

    To create a CSR, you must use the Web server software. When generating CSR, the Web server creates two files: a private key and CSR.

    The CSR is required when the client asks a server ID. The CSR has to be sent to us together with the application of server certificate.


  • How to create a CSR?

    Let us briefly explain the creation of a CSR, giving the example of the Apache server. For other servers you can consult this help.


    Step 1 – Generate private key

    1. a)Run the following command:

                 openssl genrsa -des3 -out <file with private key>.key 2048

    2. Example:

                 This command will generate a private key 2048-bit RSA and write it in privatekey.key file

    3. b) When the command asks for the password: enter a secure password and keep it from being forgotten because this password allows access to the private key. If not want to use password omit the command: -des3


    Step 2 – Generate the CSR

    1. a) Run the following command: openssl req -new -key .key -out .csr


      The command will ask for the attributes of the certificate:

      Country Name:
      The code of the country. Example: PT (caps lock)

      State or Province:
      The state/district of the company. Example: Braga

      Locality or City:
      City of the company. Example: Guimarães

      Name of the company. Example DigitalSign Certificadora Digital SA

      Organizational Unit:
      Department. Example: Website (not mandatory)

      Common Name:
      Host+ certificate domain. Example:

    2. b) The pair of private / public key has now been created. The private key is stored on the server and is used to decipher. The public part in the form of CSR (certrequest.csr) will now be used for the certificate request.

    3. c) To copy the CSR and enter it on the form, open a text editor, such as Notepad or Vi and select all the contents of .csr file and copy and paste it to the form. Do not use Microsoft Word for this task because it can enter invalid characters in CSR.

    4. d) When submitting the CSR in the form, the CSR is analyzed and your information is extracted and presented to the user, who can check the data in the CSR and validate them.

    5. e) After entering CSR and the data on it checked, you can proceed with the certificate application.

  • What is the aspect of a CSR?

    Visually the CSR is text that starts with a line containing: "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" and ends with the last line with: "-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----"