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Whenever an application or website asks us to create a new digital identity or easily log in through a large platform like account Google, or through social networks, we have no idea what actually happens to our data.

Social networks control your identity in online movements, profiting a lot from it.

In order to combat this insecurity, the European Commission has developed a secure European and electronic identity. A reliable identity that any citizen can use anywhere in Europe, and for many purposes, from paying your taxes to renting a bicycle.

A technology where European citizens are in control of their data and how this data is used.

For their protection a European solution is needed.






  • Improve e-commerce sales, with one-click checkout using FIAT or Crypto currencies.
  • Implement loyalty and rewards programs using NFT or another type of token.
  • Reduce fraud.
  • No client authentication, password or database management.
  • Dramatically reduce customer onboarding costs.
  • eIDAS ID cards help companies comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) - data stays with the user.
  • Obtenha novas receitas ao tornar-se num emissor de credenciais virtuais, cobrando uma taxa sempre que alguém tentar aceder à mesma. Por exemplo:
    1. TELCO: issue an address or telephone number credential;
    2. BANK: Issue a credit card.

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