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Regtech solutions from digital onboarding to online credit contracting

Facilitate seamless account opening and consumer credit

IDCERT provides fast and compliant methods to digitally onboard verify a customer’s identity (KYC) in order to obtain a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) to sign all types of documents, such as consumer credit contracts and account opening T&C. Simultaneously the solution allows to comply with Know Your Costumer requirements


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Improve Account opening conversion

A worldwide video-identification technology that covers more than 185+ countries and their respective Identification documents, from IDcards to passports, allowing financial institutions to operate worldwide.

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Compliant and Secure

IDCERT is fully compliant with Banco the Portugal and BAFIN’s regulations and is currently being used by some of the largest EU financial institutions.

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Easy to use

Adopt a simple, intuitive mobile-first identity verification experience, designed to meet KYC, AML, and allow to issue on-line a QES to perform the signature on the fly of any document.

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