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DigitalSign is a Qualified Trusted Service Provider certified in the European Union offering an unique integrated solution with quick and easy deployment for your organization that allows the management of the complete lifecycle of electronic documents (files, videos, XML, Json, etc.).


The transition from paper documents to electronic documents maintains the same requirements in terms of security, authenticity and preservation, whether due to legal requirements or due to the needs of the business itself. This is especially critical for heavily regulated sectors such as banking, insurance, the pharmaceutical industry, public bodies, etc.




Set the type of signature (qualified, advanced, simple or biometric) according to your business needs, and let the SigningDesk platform platform manage the signing workflows, while scrupulously respecting the effectiveness and probative value of electronic documents foreseen by the eIDAS Regulation and Decree-Law no. 12/2021.



Ensure and verify the security and legal value of critical documents received by your organization using a qualified signature validation service.



Ensure the validity/verification of signatures over time and adaptation to new cryptographic algorithms, combined with the possibility of secure custody of your documents.

These services can be contracted individually or jointly, guaranteeing complete management of the life cycle of your electronic documents.

As the eIDas regulation states, the only form of electronic signature that is equivalent to a handwritten signature, with full legal value, is the Qualified Signature, such as that produced by the Portuguese Citizen Card and Qualified Trust Service Providers that are part of the European Union's Trusted List, such as DigitalSign (https://eidas.ec.europa.eu/efda/tl-browser/#/screen/tl/PT/7).

DigitalSign offers a signature platform - Signing Desk - that allows you to choose the type of signature that your employees and third parties (customers/suppliers, etc.) can use: from qualified signatures for more relevant documents, to simple signatures for less critical documents, including biometric signature.

This platform can be easily integrated with your internal processes and with customers via simple API's - more details at: https://www.signingdesk.com/

More and more often your organisation receives electronic documents signed by different parties (customers/suppliers/partners) with different types of signatures - your organisation needs to be able to quickly decide whether to accept these documents, in an automated and legally supported way.

This can be done using a Qualified Signature Validation Service, which issues a legally valid report for each document, identifying and classifying the signatures on the document.

More details at: https://www.digitalsign.pt/pt/ds/dsverify

Qualified Signature Validation Services can only be provided by Qualified Trust Service Providers (Art. 33 of the eIDAS Regulation). DigitalSign is the only provider accredited in Portugal to provide this service.

The digital certificates on which qualified electronic signatures are based have a validity period (typically between 3 and 5 years).

The management of your electronic documents requires the ability to check the validity of electronic signatures over time, even after the expiration of the digital certificates.

To ensure that signatures on electronic documents are verifiable (and remain valid) over time, you'll need to use an electronic signature preservation service. This service consists on the revalidation and storage of the validity/revocation details of the digital certificates used at the time of signature and the periodical inclusion of timestamps (issued by a Qualified Trust Service Provider). This is an automated service (without any need for human intervention) that will periodically extend the longevity of signatures until the required legal or business term.

This service complies with the requirements of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) LTANS, which are the standards for long-term electronic archive.

Besides ensuring the legal validity of signatures over extended periods, it is also essential that the electronic document management solution guarantees they can be validated regardless of future technological developments.

Check here for more detailed descriptions of the preservation service and how it can be integrated into our customers' infrastructure or as a SaaS service. This service also includes secure custody of your most relevant electronic documents, guaranteeing secure access, different levels of document classification and total confidentiality with strong encryption.


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