Adopt a secure know your patient process and secure their sensitive data

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Know you patient and secure their data

Modern healthcare relies on trusted digital identities more than ever for a patient and third parties accessing sensitive personal data.

Healthcare organizations should use secure identity proofing to ensure patients and providers securely access healthcare data. It also protects patients and providers from medical identity theft and prescription fraud.

Our Solution - IDCERT

Trusted Identity Verification for Patients and Health Care Providers

Enable online enrollment and secure identity verification to facilitate secure access and authentication to patient portals.

IDCERT provides seamless identity verification for patients and health care providers to ensure security to the access to patient portals with sensitive personal data.

IDCERT’s identity verification solution ensures the correct attribution of personal health records and insurance information with the right patient guaranteeing the application of the GDPR need-to-know principle. Patients that verify their identities with IDCERT create a strong authentication credential (Digital Certificate), they can use to sign into patient portals across healthcare organizations and sign documents in a secure way and with legal validity recognized by EU regulation eIDAS.

How it works

How it works

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