To obtain information regarding committed violations or with a high probability of being committed, or that are being carried out, deriving from article 2, number 1, of the Portuguese Law no. 93/2021 of 20 December, may be communicated to DigitalSign, by the means indicated below.

This communication must include, when applicable, a precise and clear clarification of the potential violation, information on dates, identification of the people and entities involved. In addition, this communication must be accompanied by the evidence that supports the aforementioned complaint.

This channel is intended for agents with specific knowledge on how such entities act internally and externally, when applicable.

Channels for presenting information and evidence

In person

In Guimarães, at Largo Pe. Bernardino Ribeiro Fernandes, n.º 26, between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm, provided that it has been previously scheduled with the Research Department (by phone +351 253560642, with an express indication that you wish to contact the Research Department, with the mention CONFIDENTIAL).

By registered mail

DigitalSign - Certificadora Digital, S.A. – Investigation Department (with the mention 'CONFIDENTIAL')
Largo Pe. Bernardino Ribeiro Fernandes, 26
4835-489 Nespereira - Guimarães

Via email

Email: whistleblowing@digitalsign.pt

Identity protection and confidentiality

Anyone wishing to provide information on possible violations under the terms described above, may do so anonymously or by identifying themselves.

DigitalSign encourages complainants to at least provide means to be contacted afterwards, if essential for the verification of the facts presented, although it is always possible to submit complaints anonymously.

DigitalSign may request additional information to ascertain the veracity of the facts of the exposed situation, depending on the content of each complaint.

However, if the complainant wishes to remain anonymous, he/she must not submit any personal or other information that allows his/her direct or indirect identification.

Employee Protection

DigitalSign's internal reporting channel is obliged to guarantee independence, impartiality, confidentiality, data protection, secrecy and absence of conflicts of interest in the performance of its duties. In that sense, the confidentiality or anonymity of the complainants’ identity and the confidentiality of third parties mentioned in the complaint are guaranteed, simultaneously preventing access by unauthorized persons, at all times or until the time when such information is required for safeguarding the rights of defence of those concerned by the complaint, within the scope of the investigations initiated by it or of subsequent legal proceedings.

Procedures applicable to the reception of information, evidence and complaints

According to article 11, number 1, of the Portuguese Law no. 93/2021 of December 20, DigitalSign will notify the complainant within seven days, in writing, acknowledging the receipt of the information about possible violations, electronically or by post, in case the complainants have identified themselves.

All complaints must be made in good faith, reasonable and proportional to the facts presented.

Without prejudice to possible criminal liability, sending false information to DigitalSign constitutes a very serious offence.

In the event that other entities are responsible for the information provided, DigitalSign will inform the complainant of this fact, when identifiable, who will decide on the forwarding of the information provided to the competent authority. Whenever it is not possible, DigitalSign may, under certain conditions, send the information received to any other competent entity, with whom it maintains legal relations of collaboration or cooperation.